Cafe Olympic is a classic American Diner. Breakfast is served all day and we have homemade soups made daily.

Located in Historic Downtown Crystal Lake:
90 N Williams St, Crystal Lake, Illinois



Monday - Friday

5:30 AM - 7:30 PM


5:30 AM - 3:00 PM


6:30 AM - 2:00 PM

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Cafe Olympic is a classic American Diner. Owners Chris and Nancy Angelos offer classic diner fare with hometown atmosphere.

  • Breakfast served all day
  • Children’s menu
  • Fresh daily lunch specials
  • Homemade soups daily
  • Carry out available




Built in 1892 by Dr. E.E. Ballou. In 1893 Gracy & marshall Hardware Store and in  1911, the name changed to  G.H. Prickett’s Hardware.  In 1912, it became Pulos/Crystal Lake Ice Cream Parlor.  The Angelos family purchased the restaurant in 1998 and have been serving classic American diner fare ever since.


" I stopped by for a quick bite, as I was new to downtown Crystal Lake and had some business in the area. Cafe Olympic may well be my go-to place for the future! As soon as I entered, I was greeted by both of the young women on waiting duty. I must have come in during a lull, so besides myself there was only one other patron, who was known by name. The mood was informal and positive, and as stated by another review the atmosphere was like a small town diner. For a little less than $8 I was able to get rice and chicken soup, a reuben sandwich, a pickle and a small cup of cole slaw. The food was quick and tasty, and the portion was realistic (unlike the gluttonous monstrosities served by other restaurants) and satisfying (I even took the pickle and cole slaw home). As I was getting ready to leave, another patron came in, and she too was known by name. I'd recommend this place, and pleasantly look forward to when I might return."
~ Clay
"Great Biscuits & Gravy!"
~ Stephan
"Located in downtown Crystal Lake, this place is simply great for the price. It's got that small-town diner feel that you either love or hate. Personally, I love it. I've eaten here probably 50 times in the past 10 years or so. Since they went smoke-free, I eat there more often and sometimes bring the family. The food tastes great, the selection is wide and everything is reasonably priced. The service is most always timely but never rushed. The owner takes care of the place."
~ Crystal Lake resident
"One of the most terrific little Greek mom & pop owned places... Here's where you can get as good of a breakfast or lunch as you can get in any Greek mom & pop place anywhere... My favorite, although not for breakfast, is their homemade cream of chicken rice soup, along with a grilled cheese (their sandwiches come with fries or chips, and an excellent cole slaw)... For breakfast, you can't go wrong with the ham & cheese omelette in my opinion. Seriously people, this is one of those places where you can order whatever your favorite thing is from off the menu, pancakes, eggs-over-easy, whatever it is, and you'll be happy with the result. It's about as good as it gets, Olympic's just one of those kinds of places"
~ Dallas, Chicago

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Address: Cafe Olympic
90 N Williams Street
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: 815-459-4100
Email: cafeoly90@gmail.com

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